Experience Reykjavik at night

Weekends in Reykjavik is party time! Reykjavik's nightlife focuses on the main street, Laugavegur, and the roads leading off it. The cafés and bars in Reykjavik tend to have a Jekyll and Hyde character - serving beer and coffee throughout the day, before transforming into buzzing drinking and dancing venues in the evening. The runtur (pub crawl) is a great way to find the best bars, with the length of the queues to get in acting as a good indication of their popularity!

Opening times for the majority of café-bars are Sunday to Thursday 10.00 to 01.00 and Friday and Saturday 10.00 to 03.00. Nightclubs close at around 04.00 or 05.00 and the dress code is strictly very smart. Alcohol is available from licensed bars, restaurants and vinbud (ATVR) shops. The minimum drinking age is 20.


Slippbarinn (Marina hotel Myrargata 2)
One of Reykjavik´s best cocktail bars. This bar attracts a variety of locals, hotel guests and tourists. It is know for serving great cocktails using local ingredients for even better taste.

Kaffibarinn (Bergstadastraeti 1)
Whether British pop star Damon Albarn is still a part-owner or not, this is still a meeting place of the city's media set with a certain appeal, which can be seen by the frequent queues to get in.

Austur (Austurstraeti)
Austur is a restaurant and then switches into a nightclub in the evening. It attracts the elite crowd of Reykjavik and celebrities.

Kaldi bar (Klapparstigur)
Kaldi is a brewery in North Iceland that opened a bar in downtown Reykjavik serving their own brew and other varieties of beer, wine and alcohol.

B5 (Bankastraeti 5)
One of the trendiest bars in town, often very packed but great music and offers a special VIP room in the basement.

Hurra (Tryggvagata 22)
Known to be very hip and popular by the "arty" crowd of Reykjavik.

Loftid (Austurstræti)
Nightclub featuring various kinds of music. Dress smartly if you want to get in! Located in the heart of Reykjavik. 25+ crowd.

BAR 11 (Hverfisgata)
At Bar 11, DJs call the tunes every weekend, emphasising old rock`n`roll classics, chart-toppers and sing along hits. Dance on a fully packed dance floor.

Gaukurinn (Tryggvagata)
The oldest pub in town, but still worth a visit. Here, nearly every night they play live-music. Guests are mostly young adults and the music is relatively loud.

Broadway (Armuli)
This is the biggest discothek in Reykjavik and offers space to 2.300 people. On weekends, it is always crowded and visitors from every age come to this place. Sometimes they also offer live-shows (ABBA-Revival, Rolling Stones-Revival, etc.