A new exciting destination for Golfers!

Does playing golf at midnight surrounded by a lava field and an open view of large glaciers sound too strange to be true? Not in Iceland!

The wealth of wide open space surrounded by incredible nature reserves makes golfing in Iceland an unforgettable experience.

Midnight golf is available in summer due to Iceland's northerly location, and one-tenth of Iceland's surface is covered in lava. Be part of the Arctic Open. Hosted by Akureyri Golf Club it is an international event that attracts golfers from all over the world.

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Sweeping mountain and ocean views characterise Icelandic golf courses, which follow the contours of the landscape, a popular trend in golf course design today.

Many golf courses in Iceland have been laid out with minimal disturbance to existing terrain and in harmony with nature. The making of golf courses even has been a part of restoring vegetation in the sandy landscape within the lava fields. Their design pays tribute to the first golf courses in Scotland - the home of golf.

There are fifteen 18-hole golf courses and fifty 9-hole golf courses in the country available to visitors. Golf in Iceland has gained popularity in leaps and pounds in recent years to become the nation's second most popular sport.

Iceland ProTravel specialises in organising golf holidays in Iceland for individuals, families, groups and couples where the focus is on golf and travel in this spectacular island of wonderful nature and fresh air. 

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