A great way to experience Reykjavik is from the air. 

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Join this tour to get a birds eye view of the most northern capitol of the world. The city is beautifully located next to mountains and the ocean. 

On this tour the pilot will fly up to the Mount Esja where you can go out and enjoy the fantastic view over Icelands capitol and the surrounding nature.

Season: All year

Duration: 50 minutes

Prices Includes: Guided helicopter tour

Recommended: Good shoes and warm clothes

Weather guarantee: If the weather is bad and the pilot cannot safely take off you will get a free ride whenever it pleases you, or you will get your money back. 

This excursion is operated by: Reykjavik Helicopters


This day tour is often combined with:

Reykjavik Food Walk

Reykjavik Food Walk

Iceland brings a lot of specialties to the table, and since it is an island nation a lot of the delicacies are from the ocean. The Icelandic people have also a tradition to eat different kinds of meet, especially sheep. Take this interesting tours to get a taste of real authentic Icelandic food.

4 HoursAll year