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Travels to Iceland for smaller groups (5-9 people)

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Are you planning a trip to Iceland, but you're just a little too many people to fix it all by yourself? We have perfect solutions for you. Over the past years, we have established good deals with hotels, airlines and we offer a wide range of activities while you are in Iceland.


Travels to Iceland for smaller groups (5-9 people)


Sun Voyager Reykjavik

When you arrive at Keflavik Airport you will be driven to the Blue Lagoon. After a relaxing and warm bath in The Blue Lagoon you will be driven on to Reykjavik. The day is at your disposal. You can explore Reykjavik's nightlife, culture and amazing food. In the evening you can join an exciting and educational whale watching tour. If you have not seen these big mammals before, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

Icelands Highlights

Geysir Strokkur ©Buehler Buechi

You will find Iceland's most visited and renowned attractions along the golden circle.

You will experience Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir. The tour's first stop is in the national park and the historic area of Thingvellir, which held the world's first parliament in 930. This beautiful and unique place is on the blast that separates the American and European continents. Here you can see how the continental plates move away from each other. The journey along the golden circle goes on to one of the largest and most popular waterfall in Iceland; Gullfoss. This mighty waterfall is impressive even for the most travers among us who have seen tall and magnificent waterfalls before. Last but not least, this unique trip goes to Geysir. Even the most bereaved of us will be impressed by this natural phenomenon. The geyser throws water up to 30 meters up in the weather. Notice the wind direction when you are here, otherwise you will be wet!

The trip takes about 8 hours, and back in Reykjavik, travelers are free to explore the city's wonderful nightlife, shops, restaurants and entertainment.




After a fun and educational journey to Iceland, this trip has finally come to an end. The arranged transfer takes you and the group back to the airport for your flights back home. 

You can request the holiday you would like to book, and we will check the availability and contact you via e-mail within two business days to confirm the availability.