Active in Iceland!

Geysir  Horse Riding  Thrihnukagigur Volcano

On this fantastic activity break you have a chance to explore Iceland's fascinating  nature and combine that with outdoor activities such as ATV ride, snowmobiling, ice  climbing, riding the Icelandic horse or snorkeling in the clear lake Thingvallavatn.
Enjoy an activity filled trip while seeing all the main attractions as well. 
The geologically young Iceland keeps its visitors always surprised!

Here are some examples of the tours to choose from:

The Golden Circle Super Jeep tour: This tour allows visitors to get up close to geysers,  hot  springs, steam vents, and Þingvellir National Park, Iceland's greatest historical site  and natural phenomena. 

Horses and Hot Springs: This riding tour is perfect for riders with little or no experience. It takes us to the beautiful sceneries around Reykjafjall mountain. Ride on the excellent riding trails along the slopes of Reykjafjall mountain and through a green forest. 

Inside the Volcano: Ever wondered what a volcano looks like on the inside? This unique volcano tour, takes you literally inside a dormant volcano, through the top crater and to the bottom of its magma chamber, once filled with steaming hot lava.

Landmannalaugar - Explore the Highlands in a 4X4 Super Jeep: The Landmannalaugar area is a popular tourist destination and hiking hub in Iceland's highlands. The area displays a number of unusual geological elements, like the multicolored rhyolite mountains and extensive lava fields, not far from the service centre. The many mountains in the surrounding area display a wide spectrum of colours including pink, brown, green, yellow, blue, purple, black, and white. Two of the most popular mountains among hikers are Bláhnúkur (meaning "blue peak") and Brennisteinsalda (meaning "sulphur wave"). Tourists visit the area from June through late September

Walk on Ice - Glacier Hike: The glaciers of Iceland cover some 10% of the land area of the country (about 11,400 km² out of the total area of 103,125 km²) and have a considerable impact on its landscape. Many Icelandic glaciers lie above volcanoes, such as Grímsvötn and Bárðarbunga, which lie under the largest glacier, Vatnajökull. On the south coast, the glacier Myrdalsjökull can be visited on several excursions. Why not join us for a walk on Ice? 

Into the Glacier: Ever been inside of a glacier? Experience Europe's second largest glacier Langjokull on this day tour! Once there, you get crampons and helmet and safety instructions before we walk to the edge of the glacier over black volcanic ash. Once we reach Sólheimajökull, an outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull, we put our glacier gear on and set foot on the ice. Sólheimajökull is quite rugged and as we make our way over the glacier you can expect to be exploring a unique territory. Below the glacier tongue lies the fast growing lagoon, but in the last years, it has almost doubled in size due to the retreat of the glacier. We will choose a different route down the glacier again.

There are many more options to choose from!
The price for this holiday package is from £1030 per person
including flights 
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