The Icelandic government has adapted the entry regulations due to the current developments. Since August 19th, Iceland has imposed a quarantine obligation on travellers from all countries after the first PCR test on arrival at the airport until the result of a second PCR test, 4-5 days after entry. The measures are re-evaluated weekly.
Therefore, we have to cancel our guided group tours until October 5th. Regarding individual round trips booked in this period, we will contact you and inform you about the possibilities. 
We would like to point out to you that there is no travel warning for Iceland. Therefore, from two weeks of travel time on, a trip to Iceland is a worthwhile and safe destination despite the entry conditions.

For individual travellers, we will gladly arrange a program including quarantine at the beginning of the trip: Whether in a hotel room, in a fully equipped motorhome, or in a cosy vacation home with a hot pot! Even during the quarantine period, you can go out into nature every day, but you have to avoid other people. So Iceland remains a good choice for deceleration and nature experience. We will be happy to assist you all around your stay in Iceland!